About Us

Bushwick Yacht Club is a clothing brand and a collective of individuals who are passionate about doing anything possible to make our neighborhood a better place. We all, as citizens of Bushwick, benefit greatly from the neighborhood's multicultural diversity, unique aesthetic, and inclusive nature. 

We feel a deep sense of responsibility to give back and have chosen to do so through the medium of Bushwick Yacht Club. In that spirit, we either donate 1:1 to homeless services organizations or a portion of the profits from every drop to a different local charitable organization.

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Order the hoodie and shirt collaboration with robots will kill and still haven’t received my shipment. USPS site gives no information.


I plan on leaving my yacht at English Kills on Newtown Creek. Now I have proof I am a member of a yacht club when I park there.

Eric Brown

Love you !!! Love this is your passion ! Miss you both!!! Laurie at Woodland

laurie titus

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